Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Flame-Spray Industries Named as Supplier of Cylinder Coating Technology

"Elio Motors, Inc., which will launch an enclosed, three-wheeled vehicle in 2015 has named Flame-Spray Industries, Inc., a leading supplier of cylinder coating technology as one of its key suppliers.
Flame-Spray will use its patented and award winning plasma-transferred wire arc (PTWA) technology. The process involves accelerating a fine mist of molten steel at high speed onto a prepared surface and then honing that surface into a piston-ready cylinder bore. The technology, which is used on high performance sports cars such as the Mustang GT500 and the Nissan GT/R, improves heat transfer and reduces friction. For Elio Motors, it is projected to boost engine performance by 10 percent, while reducing engine weight, helping Elio Motors achieve its 84 miles per gallon target."

(released April 8, 2014)