Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Elio Motors Inc. Hits 10,000 Reservations

Elio Motors announced that reservations for its aerodynamic, enclosed 3-wheel vehicle surpassed 10,000. The high level of interest is evidence that consumers are clamoring for an entirely new type of transportation option, according to Paul Elio, Founder and CEO of Elio Motors.
The vehicle, which is slated for production in 2015, will have a sticker price of $6,800.00, will achieve 84 miles per gallon fuel efficiency and is engineered to achieve a 5-star crash test safety rating. The vehicle is perfect for individual commuters looking for an inexpensive and fuel efficient mode of transportation, but who also yearn for a unique expression of their passion for driving.
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Some Elio Sales Stats

Collected from the reservations figures posted periodically on the Elio Motors website. The graphs will be updated automatically as I continue to collect the data, even beyond the posting date.

Elio Reservations Update (10046)