Saturday, January 18, 2014

My New Elio!

My new Elio?!! What?!!

On January 12 I placed a non-refundable deposit for a new vehicle, an "autocycle" as it's being coined in some areas -- an Elio Motors reverse-trike. If all goes well, I'd love to take delivery in the summer of 2015.

courtesy Elio Motors
I first learned about this vehicle about a week ago, and the story about it is captivating. It has just three wheels so is classed as a motorcycle, but is front wheel drive unlike most other "trikes". It has the usual car amenities that you would expect, such power doors and windows, and air conditioning. It seats two (behind each other), and has a surprising amount of interior room for the driver. It has three airbags, and comes with a five star crash rating (anticipated, based on computer modelling). 

The price? $6800? Yes, you read that right. Six thousand eight hundred dollars. 


Kudos to engineer and Elio Motors' CEO Paul Elio for getting this project off the ground. This goal of making an extremely affordable vehicle, and one that gets 84 MPG (101 miles per imperial gallon, or 2.8 litres / 100 km) to boot, is laudable

I've started this blog to document my "Elio journey", from my order, through the process of getting it manufactured, the delivery (or pickup, if the timing works out), and the road trips I hope to take with it. I plan to post any significant correspondence I receive from Elio Motors, as well as interesting links I find to articles or videos about the vehicle. 

Please follow along! 

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  1. Thanks for your info. I am all in also! One thing I did not realize is it has front wheel drive. Everybody my have a want list. After I received my first Elio. My hope is they will offer a diesel version , which will get fuel Mpg north of 125Mpg