Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Elio Reservations Update - Over 60,000! (60142)

I remember being excited when I reserved my Elio back in January 2014. At the time I was under the impression that 60,000 reservations was a magical number, that it would be the official count that would launch the Elio production line. Sales were brisk, 

January 2014 was a long time ago. Reservations were indeed brisk then, with over 100 Elios being reserved per day, on average, until the bubble burst in September of that year when Elio stopped the 50% bonus incentive program. Reservations bottomed at a low of around 10-20 per day for a period, but then slowly started to rebound as word of the engineering prototypes hit the media. 

The reservations trend the past few months has been on a positive slope, likely because Elio has guaranteed a price of $7,000 for the first 65,000 locked-in reservationists. After that, the price goes up to $7,300, which is still an incredibly good value considering what you get.

I'm not sure if I'm as excited as when I ordered it, likely because I'm just numb from the waiting, as many early reservationists are. I think I'm also a little apathetic about the whole thing because I don't even know if or when I'll be able to take delivery in Canada. 

Oh well, I've waited this long. I guess I can wait a little longer.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Electra Meccanica Solo Vs Elio Motors specs and range

Elio Motors will need to start offering more updates in terms of how they are going, like with their Government funding, as this not only determines its eventual release date, but also the final price as well. There are two reasons why they need to do this; the first is that those that have already preordered and parted with money have started to grow tired of progress of the three-wheeled vehicle – or lack of it.
However, it is the second reason that could be more of a headache for Elio Motors, and that is the official reveal of the Electra Mechanic Solo.

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News of Elio Motors latest tests is another step closer to production

We know that many of you are still skeptical of Elio Motors, as the eventual release of its three-wheeled car has been pushed back several times. However, the latest news regarding this company does fill us with some hope that the start of its production date has moved another step closer.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Article: Engineering the Elio (from

"Elio Motors is something of a brash company. After all, here is an outfit that is developing an all-new motor vehicle—one that has three wheels (two in the front, one in the rear), a three-cylinder engine (0.9-liter; 55 hp, 55 lb-ft) and two seats (not side-by-side, but tandem, with one in front, one in back)—that is intended to have an MSRP on the order of $7,300 and that will be built in a former GM factory in Shreveport, Louisiana."
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It's Encouraging...

It's encouraging to see the increase in Elio sales the past few weeks. It's probably a sign that the public is becoming more aware of the Elio and has increased confidence in its reality, or that people are taking advantage of the $7000 lock-in price for the first 65,000 sales. [Raw Data]